Elyse Greenberg - Acupuncturist


Throughout my course of treatment with Elyse, I have been impressed with her knowledge, demeanor, and compassionate professionalism. The maturity and medical knowledge she brings to the treatment room engender my trust and confidence in her and consistently make the treatment experience a rewarding one.

During the course of treatment I have experienced the resolution of pain in my upper left arm and have left each session with a significant reduction of anxiety and stress and is a great relief and aide to me in my everyday life.

Though I believe in western medicine, in recent years I have found that it is not always able to bring the relief I seek. So I have begun to consider the benefits of eastern thought and medical practices. In my opinion, Elyse Greenberg represents the best of both, and I feel confident in highly recommending her.



I have been fortunate to have experienced acupuncture with Elyse Greenberg. This has not been my first time experiencing this therapy but it has been one of the most enriching and valuable.

Elyse makes me feel comfortable to talk about anything on my mind. She is thoughtful, intuitive and sensitive to my needs. This has allowed me to feel part of the process about what is being done and how I can help. I have realized that healing is possible with someone’s help but it cannot be done without one actively being part of it. This has been important for me. Her gentle touch, great sense of humor, enthusiasm has been wonderful and refreshing.

I recommend Elyse highly as a gifted practitioner.



It didn't occur to me that acupuncture could really help me relax and sleep better until I experienced a few treatments with Elyse Greenberg.  She did a very thorough assessment and helped me think about making some important lifestyle changes in our first session.  

Elyse is extremely passionate, well-versed and committed to eastern medicine and has a very gentle, compassionate style. Her background and skills, which are grounded in nursing and medical research, give me the added confidence that she's an absolute expert in her field. Elyse is an intent listener and exudes a calm authenticity; these two qualities help establish a strong relationship of trust and confidentiality; this guarantees my receiving the full benefits of acupuncture - and at every session! I'm a big fan and recommend Elyse unconditionally!!